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Maura: Today we are going to do a Chatterbox episode, and that is where we chat about all different kinds of topics. Today we are going to talk about the media.

Harp: Yes. We’re gonna break it down. We’re gonna talk about mainstream media.

Maura: And the different types. And then we’re going to talk about advertising.

Harp: And then we’re gonna talk about celebrity gossip.

Maura: Yes. Because that is also something that’s covered a lot in media, especially nowadays.

Harp: Yes, it definitely is. So let’s get started, Maura.

Maura: All right. So, it seems that the media is everywhere. More than ever, we come into contact with the media. This is probably because of the Internet, but it’s also because of cell phones and smart phones and iPhones and all those kinds of things.

Harp: Yeah, definitely. You can take the media with you anywhere. I have an iPhone and I can read the news anywhere, I can watch things. It’s everywhere.

Maura: Right. So we’re first gonna talk about some of the mainstream media, and mainstream media includes some of the really big names, and… and these types of media are watched by a large number of people.

Harp: Yeah. TV—that’s a big part of mainstream media.

Maura: Definitely. And that one has been pretty popular and remains pretty popular today.

Harp: Yeah. A lot of people—almost everyone I know—has a TV at home. It’s changing though, now with the Internet, that more and more people are watching online, but still, a lot of people have TVs. Maura: Yes. Most people do have TVs and in the evenings they watch television, they might watch the news, they watch television shows. And in most living rooms, people have their couches set up around the television because it’s still one of the main items that you’ll see there. People love their TVs.

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